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Sportive psychology

Before starting psychological practice, for many years I dedicated to sport. I was working with a junior group, with adult sportsmen and with students.

I was consulting coach at the Irkutsk regional school of Olympic Reserve; A right hand of a president of Gymnastic of Ukraine, Irina Derjugina in rhythmic gymnastics; a leader of Accosiation of Theachers of High educational institutions by National Federation of GYMNASTICS OF UKRAINE. Repeatedly was an Arranger and a main judge of competitions of a different level.

I was successfully training teams of Shevchenko National University and KNEU in rhythmic gymnastics.

Often I was asked “How could you do this?” My trainings were recorded to figure out my secret. My inventory was broken and stolen, so I could not prepare my team for competitions. My sportsmen were being given to another coaches but after they were coming back a week before competition started, when there was no chance to get prepared.

But we won anyway!

In such a “friendly” sportive struggle a first part of my life. Then, I got tired of that and re-qualified myself into a psychologist – psychotherapist. Now I direct my abilities and experience into harmonization and treatment of a person, using my knowledge of a sportive medicine.

As a memory of my past I often help couches and sportsmen, which ask me for help.

A work of an ordinary psychologist is a long –term in concrete process. The uniqueness of my methodic is that I perceive psychology from a position of a coach, which means work for result. My advantage is also in the knowing of sport from within. I combine qualities of a coach, psychologist and bio energetic. And universalism of gymnastics in an every kind of sport makes me irreplaceable in any kind of sport.

Research conducted in groups of physical education with students of special medical groups have shown an increase of physical indicators in accomplishing of test normative almost in two times for a semester, after attending classes one times a week!

Issues, where I can be helpful for you:

Psychoenergetic preparation of sportsmen for competitions;

Psychoenergetic rehabilitation of sportsmen after physical and psychological traumas;

Social rehabilitation of sportsmen, who finished their career.

Experience has shown that even my single presence in a competition is enough to make a result more efficient. Because psycho energy is the strongest doping, which is not forbidden. The combination of bio energy and psychological techniques gives a synergy effect, where 1+1 =3.

Because for winning in a competition, like for winning in life, you need a harmonized energy, which is correctly directed to an achievement of result.

If you are ready to win but it doesn’t happen – apply!

Your victory is already waiting for you!