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Services of the psychotherapist

1. Consultation

During the first consultation questionnaire, interview and determination of therapy methods is being conducted. Duration – 30 minutes.

Sometimes first consultation is being conducted together with computer diagnostic. In this case, the duration is prolonged up to 1 hour.

2. Personal therapy

Short –term therapy, psychosomatic disorders, neurotic and panic states, fears, phobias, psychological traumas, aggression, insecurity, sexual and emotional problems, internal and external conflicts, consequences of stresses, increase of self-esteem.

Treatment of insomnia, colitis, cold hands and feet, allergy, psychogenic infertility, psoriasis, enuresis, stutter, facial palsy, radiculitis, ischias, neurosis of inner organs, diabetes and etc.

The quantity of sessions must be ordinal.

From 1 to 11 sessions. Duration of each session – 1 hour.

3. Web therapy

Principals of therapy are the same as a therapy face to face.

4. Therapeutic group

Group work is usually implemented as a final stage of personal therapy. Sometimes it’s being used as a separated method.

- Relationship between a man and a woman (unfinished early attachments, absence of relationship within a couple, love triangles);

- Professional difficulties ( financial difficulties, systematic work loss, unsatisfactory labor relationship);

- Children – parents relationship;

- Psychogenic infertility;

Feeling of loneliness, depression;

Fears, phobias, aggression.

Duration 1-2 times a week (1-3 hours).

5. Trainings

The training called “Living water” will help you activate subcortial brain structures (limbic structure and hypothalamus)., which are responsible for resistance of an organism, adaptation, endocrine profile, stress resistance; will reduce incidence rate, remove painful disorders and reinforce protective powers of an organism.

“Through thrones to the stars” training registers all factors of the implanted in a childhood “insecurity program” and removes unconscious reasons of insecurity; helps to activate leadership qualities of a person and the one’s social adaptation.

“The golden antelope” training facilitates the development of opportunities, removal of hindrances of financial flow, coping with crisis situation, attraction of material values energy.

6. Express diagnostic of a state of an organism

(Computer diagnostic by method of a variation termoalgometrics)

I option

Exposure of an origin of the disease

System details

Estimation of a psychological condition

The level of balance of energetic centers

References for a segmental massage

References for punctuate massage

References for phototherapy

Personal diet selection

Personal selection of mineral and vitamin complex

10 graphics, 16 pages

II option

Exposure of an origin of the disease

System details

Estimation of a psychological condition

3 graphics, 6 pages

III option

Without a print -out. Being used during the therapy.