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Responses of clients

I want to express a huge gratitude and appreciation to Alla Chajkovskaja for my recover, sufficient improvement of my well-being after a disease in my back (sciatic nerve disease), head spinning, and increase of blood pressure. After 3 sessions I felt a significant improvement, pains in my back were over, I could sleep normally. Before I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours without painkillers. Thanks a lot to Alla for her caring attitude. Moreover, she affects very gently the consciousness and general condition of a patient. Three months after the treatment I feel good, painless and want to say thank you over and over again to God and Alla for my current well-being. Wish you happiness, health and always as possible to help people in need.


With a big respect ,

Alexsey Demenjuk, Brest, Belarus.


I had a complicated life with lots of problems. I asked Alla Anatolievna for help. She starts having sessions with me after which all my life started to change. I gave back my debts and start finding quite big amounts of money, my prosperity has improved.

Also I had problems with health( frequent headaches, pain in stomach, swell of legs). After sessions with Alla, my health was improved, inner condition got better. I stoped concentrating on my problems and saw how beautiful is the world around. My mood got better, new acquaintances, ideas, offers appear. The life starts getting better and life got its meaning.

I am thankful Alla for everything she has done for me.

Galina Mazur, Kiev, Ukraine.


After a course of sessions insomnia disappeared, headaches and inflammation in knee joints stopped, blood pressure was normalized and I gained spiritual and corporal cheerfulness.



V. Belinskiy, Kiev, Ukraine


I am thankful for my both daughters and positive change in their consciousness; for all the respect which my husband gives to my faith, to me. With kindest regards. Wish You success in your decent work and care for people with problems, which are so hard to solve without help.




Boguslavskaya Irina, Kiev, Ukraine.


With a big gratitude and appreciation for the given chance to change myself, my consciousness and my attitude of the world. A special thank for a gone chronicle sinusitis, which caused troubles through many years and also lymphoma in head area. Thank you for the son for curing his agoraphobia.



With kindest regards, health, patience.

Lidia K. Moscow, Russia


Dear Alla Anatolievna!


A big thank you for a given help to me and all my family. Wish you long years of health, success and always be a healer for people, who got in trouble.


Olga Sklyar, Kiev, Ukraine


The complete compression of a spinal cord. Surgery of hernia removal. Strong pains after the surgery, which made it almost impossible to stand up and walk. Standard ways of treatments were meaningless. After a couple sessions with Alla my condition got better so that I stopped feeling consequences of the surgery. Now I lead an active life, like it was before the surgery. I didn’t take anything else. Now I live like before for that I am very thankful.


Alexandr Dzigola, Komsomolsk, Ukraine


Probably, it was meant to be so we appeared at the same time at the same place with Alla. And after this scary diagnose – brain lump. There was a constant tension when you can’t relax, can’t sleep. There was a lack of faith. And after I start believing. Believe in myself. Believe in God. Believe in help of other people. My diagnose is scary but I am alive. Alive because Alla gave me hope. She heard me and my family members with a big attention. The treatment gave the following results:

My son, born in 1991, ill since 1999. Diagnose – epilepsy. For the first time not found the convulsive brain activity!

My mother, born 1941, diagnose – asthma. Her condition got significantly better; surgery was postponed (only after several sessions by telephone).

As a result of treatment our house, which was 200 years, crashed. And, because it was an architectural monument , government gave us money ( 100 thousand) for the total reconstruction of the building. Now I live in a new, wonderfully repaired house.

Growth of a lump significantly stopped, fundus of an eye normalized. Now I regret that received treatment only by phone.

In 2003 doctors gave me 6 months to live, now is 2011…

Mitrofanova Elena, Kirovograd, Ukraine.


I got troubles in life, which starts appearing so often and near that I didn’t have time to react. One friend of mine often told me: “You have to visit Alla. She’s going to help”. To be honest, I didn’t believe it is possible. There was no ray of light in this negativity, I stopped smiling and was living with s burden in my soul and body. We met in summer 2008. It was not easy to start taking about my problems at the beginning, I didn’t want to look pathetic. But Alla “read” me easily and said” Stop torturing Yourself, you’ve already gotten a mercy from God to change your life. I will help you.”

After meeting her I came back home winged. After each session I felt how life is flowing in me – optimistic, light, vivid. And, how All Anatolievna promised, somehow gradually my life started to change. Went to a sanatorium with my sick mother, she felt better. I solved my health problems, became stable in life, gained a healthy sleep and easiness like in childhood. Nervous tension disappeared. I got calmer and all the world around me has changed. I got plenty of hobbies and lost dependence from people who hold me and abused me.

I am thankful my life for meeting Alla Anatoliena. Looking forward to new changes in myself and all around.


Olga Garkovaja. Kiev, Ukraine


I was frequently in touch with Alla, mainly by phone, because I lie in Israel. For many years I am having diabetes. After three hands sessions my sugar has suddenly fallen. I was prescribed a sustaining therapy. I have pain in my legs and my blood vessels not working well. After 2-3 sessions pains disappeared, legs began to get warmer, I ate pills all the time but nothing helped. I was healing certain diseases by phone - intussusceptions (after the session everything went well), traumatic gum bleeding. All my family for many years receiving treatment from Alla. Everyone is very satisfied. Visiting doctors very rarely, only if Alla tells so or to the dentist. We all are extremely thankful to her.



Emma CH. Bait-Shemesh, Israel.


After our conversation and manual diagnostic, Alla told me that I just do not have enough energy and with hormones everything is fine. To be honest, I was skeptic about that. After seven years of tears and despair and a complete lack of hope.

After a three short sessions we parted. Alla told me that usually it takes a year, but it last only a month till the end of autumn, but everything had to be fine.

Surprisingly, I found out about my pregnancy in November! And at the end of summer my daughter was born!!!

I am lost for words…A huge thank you. Wish you happiness, health and long years of life.

God, give you the chance to help all people who need help. I will never forget You.


Natalia, Kiev, Ukraine.


I got in touch with Alla Anatolievna after being diagnosed with psoriasis. Moreover, I was constantly getting in trouble. I got from 3 to 5 sessions. When I went to a dispenser again, I was told that probably it was a mistake in diagnose, because psoriasis can’t be cured. And problems and all other diseases disappeared with time.


Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine.



I am thankful to God for meeting a wonderful woman – Alla! Since 2006 some very unpleasant things happened in my family, also in relationship with my husband and my health. Thanks to Alla problems were solved and growth of mioma stopped.

God, give Alla strengths, health and prosperity to help people who got into trouble.


Riabova Nina, Kiev, Ukraine


After walking a hard life path my body and soul couldn’t cope with tryouts and literally start to die. Being in the state of agony I met Alla. Thank to her gift, supernatural abilities and hard work, she brought me back to life.

Now I have a good work and harmony in my family. I feel her protection and patronage every day.

And now any crisis’s – economic, financial, moral are not scary.

I am deeply thankful to Alla Anatolievna, representative, emissary of God on Earth. For that she never rejects someone who needs help. For that divine energy she gives to all who needs to heal soul and body. If only this person can use this energy properly! Otherwise with wrong deeds you can lose everything and lose connection with God!


Larisa Bujalo, Kiev, Ukraine.



I am thankful to God for a given chance to change myself and my attitude to the world. My faith of God became stronger. I became more confident, more quiet. The changes which happened with my daughter Kate also are evidential and I am deeply thankful for her. My health reasonably improved. Last autumn was the first time when I didn’t need to go through the treatment course related to my headaches. With a huge gratitude to You, Alla, for all changes which happened in my life, in my inner self and the world around.

May God save You!


Grabovskaja Olesya, Kiev, Ukraine.


I want to thank God for sending me such an angel like You, Alla Anatolievna. You help me live, work, create and, despite the prognosis of doctors I live and live thanks to You, Alla!

May God save you and help you in everything!



Vorobchuk Ludmila, Kiev area, Ukraine


An eternal question – Love!

Everyone wants to be happy. Simply happy. To love and to be loved. But for some reasons we not always can find it at once. And maybe we just wasting us for occasional meetings. And as a result – nothing.

And I am not an exception.

One day too many questions needed an answer. And I asked Alla for help. She heard me. Gave a course of sessions. We talked, imagined situations. Alla restored my aura. Our communication was done VIA Skype. At first I was surprised how can someone do sessions without seeing person in real. But there is no limit for a positive energy.

After finishing the course, Alla told me: “Changes will happen during the month. Different changes”.

And so it was. In a month, maybe more many some people disappeared from me surrounding, some appear. Environment at work has changed and also my inner world. I don’t regret any loses, because I saw these people and their real attitude. Once there were old colleges, now – good friends. In short, life began at its full.

Although, my question is still open, nothing comes at once. Time, patience and faith in myself is needed. Alla helped me to see my problems from a different angle.


IRINA Drozdova, Tver, Russia.



My name is Galina. I am 30 years old. I was a healthy kid, didn’t have any illness except roseola. Finished school with excellence, graduated from a prestigious University. And at 23, I , beautiful and successful got married and pregnant.

Dramatically fast changes with health began, very strong pains in stomach undefined character. Doctors claimed different diagnoses (pancreatitis, but nothing was confirmed. With a huge effort, my pregnancy ended up with a birth of my lovely daughter. And after pains have gone. Doctors related these symptoms with pregnancy. But after 11 months everything came back.

I was investigated at the best private and state hospitals of Kiev. Doctors couldn’t find a reason of my torments. All they can offer is to get a surgery and see what’s wrong this way. I rejected this offer, although was close to that. All that lasted for 6 years, every 2 -3 months I had these pains during which I fell out of life for several days with strong pains, nausea. During these years I lost weight, weakness and depression became my companions. The situation got worse with a ruined marriage. My husband, who probably couldn’t cope with my illness, was cheating on me for 2 years. I couldn’t forgive him that and left him.

And after that, in our life appeared a person who advised me to meet with Alla. Important to say, that she helped him to cope with post-divorcee depression and to see a meaning of life again. During our sessions I had memories from very old events of my life.

At school my friends and I were keen on calling for ghosts, fortunetelling and so on. With time many friends stopped doing that but me and my friend Anja went further. All ended after a session when we got so scared because someone was really talking to us.

Probably, because of that my life went with a wrong script. My first man was interested in a black magic, led some weird ceremonies. I didn’t pay too much attention to it due to my young age. After that we parted but I keep finding my photos with strange marks on them, something strange in my boots or feather.

After sessions I’ve realized that because of my irresponsible behavior I pulled the illness and problems to myself.

Several days after our sessions were over; I had a strange, bright and scary dream, the meaning of which was that I tear off the contracts with someone evil.

I am a modern person, work as an economist and don’t want to judge areas far from my expertise. I am materialist and practice, that’s why facts are important to me. And facts are those that for many years I finally felt better, which I couldn’t achieve during long years of traditional treatment. Attacks still happen but less painful and rare. My mood is great; I am looking at the future with optimism and hope to become a happy mother for my lovely daughter.


Galina G, Kiev, Ukraine.