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Hello. I have the following question: often I am experiencing panic attacks. Suddenly, I am getting caught by a fear, my heart begins to pound and I am ready to run in unknown direction. Is it possible to do something about it?

Already in The Ancient Middle East was known that endocrine glands are responsible for character, height, weight and mood. They are receivers and transformers of a cosmic energy. During the therapy I influence the work of energy centers by a thin energy and through them correcting the work of endocrine glands. In your case, I would recommend to visit endocrinologist and to check the functioning of thyroid. Probably, it’s necessary to conduct a medical therapy (better a phyto-therapy).


Hello. My husband has left me for another woman. Can you help me to get him back? Do you work on the distance?

Yes, I am working through telephone, photo, skype. All these devises can transmit energy vibrations, which can be fixed. But all cases, even if they are similar, have different roots. Moreover, your husband also has a right to chose. Conducting “good” without acknowledging a person is also violence. In case, if he left after the caused influence, the work without his agreement is not possible. Therefore, I am acting differently in every case.


I have a kid from my previous husband. Already for 5 years in my next marriage I don’t have children. How can I solve this problem?

Infertility may have different reasons: infections, endocrine disorders, male infertility etc. For example, if you have organic changes (like, fallopian tube blocking), than you have to get a surgery ). I am in this case am opening luck for an outcome of the problem; for successful surgery, finding medicaments, soling of financial difficulties). IF there are no organic issues, it’s possible to plan a gender of a baby and his or her time of birth.


Is it true that a picture can reflect an essence of a person, his aura?

The photograph reflects an external body, which is a cover for a soul. The soul itself is located inside of a body. The quality of a photograph depends on a material the film was made of. The bigger is the similarity of a picture with the original, the more is its connection with a spirit. Regarding to a picture of a soul, with an appearing of digital photography, a real hunt for orbs has literally began. It’s lighting energy spheres, which are fixed with a photo camera and which caused lots of discussions. By one of the versions, they are souls.

Regarding the picture of aura, made by aura camera, it is just a processing of an electro signal from finger tips, which are transformed to a color gamma with help of a certain program, which is laid on a photograph of a person. Nowadays, there are no such sensitive materials which can reflect an aura.

If it is a picture of a dead person, it contains the information of all illnesses and also those which was a cause of death.


How can you heal by photography? How does it work?

Any picture, no matter when it was taken, contains information of a health condition of a human, all changes, which happened to him until the moment of diagnostic. Photograph – is a minimized copy of a human, not only physical but also energetic and mental. Changing in every way a wave characteristic of a photograph, we can change the condition of health and soul of a person on this image. Although results, which influence a person and his picture are somewhat different.

From one side, by healing a person through the picture, a person gets more energy because of a scale difference, because photo is usually a minimized copy of a person. From another point of view, this influence has a more narrow character, because of a 3 –d projection on a surface, which has only 2 dimensions.

The following way of treatment in a modern world is a treatment through Internet, by Skype. An advantage of this program is that an image is added with a sound. In this case, an image, although it’s 2 dimensional, is almost in real time. This makes a fixing more effective. Through a certain influence it helps to overcome insomnia, depression, psychosomatic disorders and endocrine disorders.


Is it possible that a photograph will be used against the person?

Unfortunately, frequently this method is being used to harm. As I said, by changing a wave characteristic of a picture it’s possible to change a condition of health and soul of a person. And it’s always easier to destroy than to build up. Revenge, envy and anger and sometimes a simple curiosity is often a moving power of these deeds.

Although, many people do not know that in this way they harm first of all themselves.

In my experience there was a girl, who came to me with a claim on causeless aggression, loss of work, spoilness of appearance, loneliness. As it occurred later, she buried a picture of another person after committing a magic ceremony. She forgot about it at once and couldn’t imagine she will deal with it herself.

Another case, a woman from Western Ukraine, used to solve problems with her relatives with a help of pictures. When her husband wanted to leave her for another woman, she committed a scary ceremony with her picture, and he suddenly stayed. What happened to the mistress it’s not known. After, she didn’t like her daughter –in-law, so she has cut her picture. In time they split. Her son drank a lot, and daughter –in-law was ill. Now, her husband has died and she is lying paralyzed and her son is taking care of her. Doubtfully, this kind of life was her goal.

Therefore, before conducting such experiments, you have to think twice.


Are there any photographic superstitions; do not look into objective; do not show photographs to strangers, etc.?

You know, one of commandment in Bible says: “Do not do a picture of a person and do not pray on them”. Unfortunately, we live the way we do. And even those who read the Bible not always remember what’s written there.

And from energetic point of view, showing pictures is a boasting and leads to negative consequences. Moreover, a picture is as easy to hex as a person. Especially it’s not likely to show pictures of children and happy events.

If you have a really big desire to share information, it’s better to choose those pictures, where a person is shown from a frontal projection, hands close the body, legs are crossed.

During the photographing it’s possible to close the energy by crossing fingers, legs or hands. It can protect from a light hex.


Earlier in Europe, there was a tradition to take pictures of dead relatives. Did the keeping of those pictures affect the family?

According to Cabbalistic theory, when a person dies, his soul leaves his body. At this moment many other-worldly creatures are fighting to conquer the body to have a chance for being a human at least for some time.

Therefore, pictures taken in such moments reflect energetic status of a creature, which captured the body.

Moreover, images of dead people are “open windows” to an after world.

Talking about keeping images which were taken after death, I knew a woman who lived in a house, which she inherited, and for a long time she saw he dead grandfather in her dreams, who called her to him. Until she suddenly found his picture, taken after his death and burned it. So, think about it…


Can we put a picture of a dead person in our house, so it can be seen?

It’s undesirably to do so. As I already said, a picture of a dead person reflects negative energy. In my experience I faced a woman who came to me in a deep depression. As it occurred her apartment was placed with pictures of her dead mother. The woman loved her so much, so she just couldn’t let her go.

After all, we reached a consensus and she put almost all of them into a box. After that she felt much better and with time, she took away all of them. Therefore, the less of those pictures are in the house, the better is for people, who live there.

It’s also better for dead people that there are no pictures of them, because an image is an open window, through which they are pulled into this world.

Is it possible to tell about a person, by looking at his picture?

Indeed. By a photograph you can read out a lot of information about health, prosperity, character and habit; about the past and the future. The quality and the quantity of the information depend only on a specialist you’re applying to. In principal, for a good professional, there is no need for a picture.


It is said that a picture is an ethereal twin of a person. Can it influence the destiny?

It is better to keep in sight those pictures, where you are healthy, happy and successful. They are reflecting positive energy better. The bigger and the clearer is the picture, the powerful is this reflection. Being in the nearness of such images, your vibrations are complementing with those positive vibrations and as a result, you become successful.


What about social network, where people show pictures of a family, friends, etc. Is it bad?

I wouldn’t recommend doing that. It’s good if no one would be interested in your pictures, but Internet is full of different people and not all of them are with good intentions.