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Cost of diagnostic and treatment


In Cosmos there is no definition of cost but value.

The World is reflective.

As a result of contraction the one gets as much as gives.

I give everything I can.



A person is a whole system and the functioning of all organs in a human body can’t be separated. Any disease or life problem is a result of a failure of a whole organism. Life problems are also connected with a functioning of organs. Because wrong functioning of organism influences the character and deeds of a person.

Being healed starts with being whole, therefore, the therapy deals with all diseases and problems simultaneously. For treatment of some particular disease, it’s necessary to harmonize the functioning of all organs, including neurotic and endocrine systems.

Before the therapy one should be diagnosed to determine the sequence of a treatment course. The therapy is conducted on a next day after diagnostic, due to the need of data procession and selection of a way of treatment.

Pricing is always personally discussed. There is a discount system.