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My methods

Methods: integrative approach is being used, which includes different ways of modern psychology: transpersonal techniques, procession and corporal therapy, art therapy, bio energetic and other ways, which make my work unique.

My approach is based on a wave structure of a human body. It’s very well-known, that in human body powerful energy flows are circulating, which are going through seven main channels – chakras. For healthy functioning it’s necessary for all chakras to operate properly and accept the same quantity of energy. The basic reason of different negative situations is a misbalance in of these energy flows.

I harmonize energy flows with my bio energetic influence.

By cleaning a thin energetic body from a memory of negative experience (conflicts, insults, energetic vampires, etc.), by setting centers, which accept energy to a necessary working mode; I am launching a circulation mechanism of a vivid constructive energy.

With time, a certain harmonizing influence leads to not only positive changes in the mood, appearance and character but also to positive changes in a destiny.

Consequently, perception of a certain person by other people is also changing.

Women are getting more feminine and as if magnetizing men. Men, in their turn, become more self-confident and financially successful. A person realizes in-deep reasons of problems and they begin to solve “by itself”, allowing him to leave psychosomatic disorders in the past. As a result of a certain therapy, increases an inner energy reserve, energy blocks, which are the basis of negative situations and symptoms are being destroyed.

The efficiency of this method was frequently approved by scientific research. Several years ago, in association with Professor Makarchuk N. Y., I was taking part in an experimental research, which took place at Institute of scientific research of physiology named after Peter Bogach.

During this experiment, a precise body temperature in a certain spots was measured. According to a theory, this temperature shows a condition of an inner organ, connected with this spot. And in case of a change in a temperature, the condition of an organ was also changing. After my impact, solid changes in the temperature of body spots of experimented people were committed.

Nowadays, for a control of results of bioenergetics impact, I AM IMPLEMENTIC A DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM “Runo”, which relatively precise shows patients the condition of systems and organs.

By activating both parencephalons , I let a patient to personally become “ a

During the session my magnetic field mergers with a magnetic field of Earth both by frequency and by phase. As soon as my brain begins to perceive Earth waves , alpha – rhythm of my left parencephalon synchronizes with an alpha – rhythm of a right one on a frequency of 7,8 – 8 Hz. After I start working with a patient, alpha-rhythm of a latter, resembles with vibrations of my field, and this way patient experience a synchronizing in activity of left and right parencephalons. It means that with my influence, I subjoin the patient to vibrations of magnetic field of the Earth, which is the greatest, almost inexhaustible source of a healing energy. It means that my field and a field of a patient not only vibrate with the same frequency as a field of the Earth but also simultaneously. In other words, during my sessions I am giving to a patient energetic of an electromagnetic field of the Earth.

Such thing is known as field’s conjunction. As a result, an effect of resonance occurs, which increases an influence proportionally to amplitude quadrates.

Such method influences endocrine, nervous and blood system. Central nervous system and high centers of vegetative regulation are more sensitive than peripheral nervous system. A weak magnetic field changes a function in elements of a cell and results at normalizing of its activity:

- Destroy free radicals

- Increases ionic activity in tissues.

- Increases protection of an organism

- Anti-allergic effect

- Restoring of neuro-endocrine process; providing prevention of oncodiseases.

There is a psychological technique when photographical image of a face of a person is divided by a vertical angle of symmetry and after, invert received parts. One of these portraits consists of right parts of a face (intuitive). Another one – of two left sides (rational).

As you may see, portraits of a right and left sides are different. One of them shows an intuitive component. Another one shows a rational component. Guess, which side is that?

As you can see at the image below, as a result of a therapy portraits of both facial sides start looking the same as an original image. And the appearance of a woman is essentially different on lower and upper images.

Our right-handed civilization led to a fact that intuitive side of a brain is less developed than a rational one. So, what can we really do about it?

In fact, it’s quite simple. You need to activate a second, spiritual, parencephalon, which is a center of intuition and clairvoyance. Namely there, you can find all answers to bothering questions and ways how to solve them.

And I can do it. Alignment of parencephalon domination significantly helps against different inertial, stagnant occurrences, depressions and phobias; gives a big energetic and creative power; improves memory.

For those who want to change their quality of life and health, I am inviting to attend my sessions, trainings, workshops.