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Treatment of psychosomatic diseases, depressions, phobias

There are situations in life when each of us needs a help of a Magician.

But Magician is very hard to find.

You are lucky because you’ve already found one.

If your soul is aching and your body is suffering; rare diseases were found; you can’t manage your private life; career growth was stopped; you lost self-confidence and adequate self-esteem. If you are handling with consequences of stress, insomnia, long – lasting depression or neurosis – my methodic will easily help you to overcome this.

The methodic combines basic techniques of a classic psychology, bio energy and parapsychology.

The results of therapy speak of itself – you get beauty, good health and mood, increase of wealth-being, development of creative abilities. All these you will gain as a result of relaxation and concentration.

Alla Chaikovska – psychologist, art – therapist, psychosomatologist, a member of Ukrainian Psychotherapeutic Union , Association of Corporal Therapy, Association of Specialists in folk and non-traditional Medicine of Ukraine.

During my sessions I implement bio energy and transpersonal techniques. The session is being completed with a drawing of Trans visions.

The distinction in my work approach is the combination of psychology and bio energy which gives a synergy effect, when 1+1=3. My method is much more effective than the implementation of psychotherapy and bio energy separately, due to its complexity. A person can be visiting a psychologist for years but won’t be able to change the situation due to the lack of vital energy (a source of which can be renewed with help of bio energy).

Unique methods allowed many people:

- Recover from a rare diseases

- Improve personal life

- Improve financial prosperity

By activating of both parencephalons I give my patients an opportunity to become a “mantic” and to see energetic reasons of a problem. And not only to see them but also to change them for better.

As a result of a certain therapy increases a reserve of an internal energy; energy blocks, which are the basis of negative situation are being removed; the one understands itself the reason of the problem and it begins to solve “ somewhat by itself”.

After a course of treatment a patient receives the following:

  • Increasing immunity
  • Normalizing of an endocrine profile
  • Regulation of all systems and organs
  • Attractive appearance
  • Deep and unproblematic sleep
  • Harmonized relationship
  • Optimistic mood
  • High self-confidence
  • Promotion at work

You’ll get released of a constant tension; will sense more intense, recover central nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular and urogenital systems. Failures, bad mood, depressions stay in the past, body temperature normalizes, insomnia and phobias disappear. Gradually you recover from anorexia, bulimia, and obesity. Infertility turns out as a false diagnosis.

Even coma excretion is possible!

In what directions do I work?

  • Therapy of psychosomatic disorders, rare diseases, insomnia, phobias, depression.
  • Problems in personal relationship
  • Business correction
  • Increasing in results of sportsmen during the competitions
  • Development of an intuition and self-confidence
  • Development of the creative potential
  • Other issues

Here is only a short list of issues I am successfully managing. More detailed information you can find in “Reference” section. I work individually with an every person, every time reworking more and more aspects. At the first sight similar situations often have different reasons and consequences. I am sure that your case is unique. Therefore, you need a personal approach.

What can I guarantee?

  • Confidentiality
  • The positive change in condition already after the first session
  • Long term progressing result

Ways of impact: individual session, group work, work with photo, via skype, telephone.

After our communication you will be able to easily overcome any negative situation

  • fear, lonliness, slow career growth, lack of self-confidence, low results in sport, financial and personal failours
  • everything what is being successfully dominated by a strong bio field.

Development of an any illness like gastritis, migraine, diabetes, elementary form of psoriasis, radiculitis, vascular dystonia, allergy, endocrine disorders – hyperthyreoisys, autoimmune thyreoiditis and another thyroid diseases; pancreatitis, cholesystitis and many other things which won’t progress due to the recovered immune system.

If you need a professional help in an important issue – You are welcome. I am waiting for You.

Change your life for better!