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"My mission is to help people become healthy, successful and happy!"

I was born in 1961, into a family of a doctor and an engineer; studied in English-Ukrainian school with incline to mathematics; Master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. I am a descended healer. The whole history of my family is written in a Bible.

More than 20 years I dedicated to coaching and psychology of sport (corporal aspects). Among my pupils there are champions of Ukraine (team of KNEU), champions of Kiev ( team of Kiev National Shevchenko University), Russia, Europe: Natalia Koroleva, Elena Chepurnaja, Oksana Grickich. For many years I was working as a rhythmic gymnastics coach, as a consulting coach at the Irkutsk regional school of Olympic Reserve; teaching in many Ukrainian leading Universities, where I was a team coach. Organized and for many years was a leader of Federation of Rhythmic gymnastics at Ukrainian Universities. I have many medals, cups and diplomas. However, I had to leave the work I loved against my own will.

The reason of that is a gift of healing, which completely changed my successful stable life.

Lots of things I had to learn from zero. I got a second high education at the Kiev National Shevchenko University; specialization “Psychology”; got educated at the medical institute of Ukrainian association of folk and non – traditional medicine and also at Ukrainian Academy of Healing. I attended many trainings and workshops.

During a process of my education I’ve being conducted researches in spiritual and esoteric aspects of Israeli and ancient Egyptian medicine; also basis of energetic building of a human and principals of Chinese and Indian medicine.

I am a certified art-therapist of Moscow Gestalt Institute, a Member of Ukrainian Psychotherapeutic Union, Association of Corporal Psychotherapists of Ukraine, Association of Specialists in Folk and Non-traditional Medicine of Ukraine.

Married, have children and grandchildren. All members of my family obtain academic degrees.


1990 - 1992 - studied psychotechincs of Folks of China (Charbin), Siberia and Far East (Irkutsk)

1992 -1993 – studied folk’s psychotechics in Poland (Warsaw) and Western Ukraine (Kremenec)

2002 – Was acknowledged with methods of spiritual and practical Medicine of Israel (JERUSALIM)

2006 - Finished the complete course in Bio energy and informational therapy in Ukrainian Medical Institute of Folk’s medicine Association.

2007 – Studied historical and spiritual heritage of Ancient Egyptian Oracles.

2007 – Graduated a second high education at Kiev National Shevchenko University, specialization “Psychology” and ultimately descended to psychotherapy.

Attended a range of trainings and workshops:

2005 – VI Nike’s Fitness Convention

2005 – National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine; Competence development of teaching staff.

2007 - Ukrainian Psychotherapeutic Union; School of DEVELOPMENT OF Psychotherapy “Propedevtika of Psychotherapy”.

2007 – Ukrainian Academy of Healing; “Photography Diagnostic”.

2007 – Therapy of psychosomatic disorders with folk’s methods.

2008 - Solving of existential problems and issues, related to the attitude to death, in Psychotherapy and psychological consulting practice with a method of psychodrama.

2009 – Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalyses; International Institute of Depth Psychology; Center of Stress Prevention (Israel); “Metaphoric associative maps – new opportunities of psychotherapeutic work”.

2009- Moscow Gestalt institute; Art – therapy in Gestalt Paradigm

2009 – Work with psychosomatic disorders in clinical gestalt – therapy

2010 – Ukrainian Academy of Healing– “Course of Masters”


My clients

Among my clients are artists, musicians, diplomats, businessmen, militaries, politicians, employees of big companies and officers.

Citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, ISRAEL, Sweden, England, Spain, Cuba, Italy, Japan. Representatives of Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Catholicism and other religious confessions.

How to contact me

To attend my therapy session, you need to call the following number: +38044-232-69-49, +38063 246 98 58 and to arrange an appointment. After that we determine our further deeds.

To receive thematic newsletter about trainings and workshops, please e-mail me to CLOAKING , with a topic “Subscribe”. It’s also necessary to mention topics you are interested in.