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Welcome to my web – site, dedicated to a psychological help.

My name is Alla Chaikovska.

I am a practicing psychologist, psychotherapist, and a member of Association of psychotherapists of Ukraine, Member of the Association of specialists of a folk and non-traditional medicine of Ukraine.

My education includes the following: Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (psychology), Moscow Gestalt institute (art therapy), Kyiv National University of Physical Culture (sport and medicine), Ukrainian University of a folk and non-traditional medicine (bio energy therapist), Ukrainian Academy of Healing (healer) and other courses and trainings. For detailed information, see “Education” section.

As we know in a modern psychotherapy there are two models: medical and psychological.

In a medical model the main accent is done on knowledge of nosology, syndromology, a clinical picture of disorders. The main goal of such a model is a symptom, a search and liquidation of which almost not being proceeded.

The particularity of a psychological model is a conviction in a statement that no one can solve a problem for a person. Here, a psychotherapist accompanies a client into a problem, into a depth of emotions, helps a person to find a reason and a resource for changing and solution of his problems.

Nowadays, in a world practice circa 600 forms of a certain psychotherapy are being used. Different psychotherapeutical systems are using different channels of access into a client’s problem. One works with verbal structures, another one – with visual images, third – with emotional or physical aspects.

My approach is integral that means I am using different methods and methodic, among those there is a psychotherapy. My method includes work with trans state of mind, corporal practice, art therapy and energetic approach.

A word “transpersonal” origins from Latin “trans” and “persona” which means “through” and “mask”. Therefore, “trans personal psychology “means “a word of a soul through the mask”. Trans personal psychology is studying a consciousness in a wide specter of it’s expression: multiplicity of consciousness condition, personal resources and so on and closely connected with definition of creativity, soul and spirit.

In a group of techniques of a corporal approach a goal of psychotherapy is a body and its physical and bio energetic process. A patient in a therapy is being represented not only by his “psychological part” (thoughts, behavior, emotions, dreams, fantasies) but also by his body.

Art therapy means a “treatment with a creativity” or “usage of an art as a therapeutical factor”, a way of communication on a symbolic level. Figurative production of a client is one of a main diagnostic material in art – therapy.

Usually, a psychologist arranges appointments several times a week. Sometimes one or two consultations are enough to start positive changes in life, but when we are talking about psychosomatic disorders, longer psychotherapy is recommended. The difference between consultation of psychologist and those of psychotherapist is in a number of sessions.

Normally, something which is over 15 meetings with psychologist is called a psychotherapeutically work. Often it can last several years.

Unlike usual methods my methodic is a short-term. It was being worked out during a long experience and helps a client to sole his problem even after several meetings with psychologist. Whereas, an improvement of a client’s condition is being visible already after a first session, what reasonably saves your money and time.

My methodic is effective for many problems: depression, fears, phobias, i8nsomnia, panic attacks, lack of self confidence, stresses and another psychosomatic disorders; business correction, complexes and problems of children, age crises, problems in marriage, pathogenic influences.

With results of my work you can get acquainted in “ Therapy results” and “ Opinion” sections.

The duration of a therapy is being defined during the first consultation. Usually, the complete course last from 3 till 10 sessions and includes: first consultation, diagnostic and therapy sessions. If necessary after six weeks another consultation is being arranged. During which an estimation of a previous work is being done and next therapy are being defined.

I conduct a psychological service for families, adults, children (Kyiv, Ukraine). This site is a psychological portal where you can ask psychologist a question, add your comments, give your opinion.

If you need a psychological help but can’t come for a session, you have a chance to take an on-line course. See “Contacts” for further information.

My clients live all over the world: Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, USA, Japan, Cuba, Russia.

I use skype and video camera for the communication with them.

Unfortunately, problems, which are not solved in time can grow to more serious problems of a soul and body.

If you that you can’t cope with the situation, do not hesitate! Ask for help.


Come, call – I am waiting for you.

Solve your problems in time!

Alla Chaikovska